White Card Course Information

A White card is suitable for anyone who works, wants to work in the construction industry. Ultimately, a white card ensures you are up-to-date with work, health and safety requirements across all work sites.

Also known as a general induction card, a White Card is a government-mandated certificate that must be held by workers working on a construction site.

Skillsify works in partnership with Admire Workplace Safety (RTO 91330 – SafeWork NSW RTO800053) which is an approved and accredited RTO that holds certified White Card training. Complete your white card in as little as just one day, with easy-to-access locations across Sydney. Skillsify is located in Arncliffe and Liverpool.

Why do I need a white card?

A white card is the first point of call for induction training, preparing workers of all types for construction worksites. Skillsify’s White Card Training provides you with the skills and knowledge to complete tasks safely and to prevent dangers and accidents in a construction zone.

It is important that all construction workers, managers, and supervisors operate safely and implement best-practice across all sites. With a White Card, you are industry certified to ‘Work Safely In The Construction Industry’ meeting the requirements sanctioned by the National Work, Health and Safety Laws.

It is highly recommended that you attain your White Card in the state you live in, or intend to work in. This is because currently each state and territory in Australia has different rules on obtaining a white card. These rules primarily come down to whether the course has been completed online or face-to-face.

Skillsify offers same-day, face-to-face White Card training.

White card validity

In NSW, it has been legislated that a white card can only be obtained face-to-face. The only states in Australia that allow white cards to be issued online, by current residents are Western Australia and Tasmania. As the government develops a nationally consistent approach to white card attainment, each state and territory across Australia have different White Card rules and regulations.

Once a nationally consistent approach is developed, workers can work in any State or Territory in Australia.

In June 2009, SafeWork mandated that White Cards obtained via nationally recognised accreditors will no longer expire.

If you haven’t worked on a construction site for 2 years, you must re-obtain a white card as mandated by SafeWork.

Benefits of a white card:

  • Implement WHS best-practice across all worksites
  • Ensure your own and your colleagues’ safety
  • Prevent accidents and ensure your workflows smoothly
  • Gain access to all worksites across the state.
Safety at Work

How White Card course is structured?

Skillsify’s one-day White Card Training consists of interactive presentations and videos that teach you the key skills to identify, prevent, and respond to health and safety incidents in the workplace. There will be a range of in-class activities that help you build actionable skills for when you’re on the job.

After your day of training is complete, you will complete an assessment task. To obtain a White Card, you must pass the test.

Please note: a basic level of English is required to complete the course.

Getting your White Card

Once you have completed the training and successfully passed the test, you will be given a Statement of Training.

A Statement of Training gives you access to construction sites just as a white card. After registering with SafeWork NSW, you will be issued a white card that will be delivered to your address in 60 days.

What you will learn in White Card Course?

  • Strategies to identify a safety hazard
  • Reporting on a safety issue or hazard on a worksite
  • Measures to reduce safety risks
  • Respond to workplace health
  • Reduce risks of accidents and injury in your workplace

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