Implement Traffic Control Plans Course Sydney



Implement Traffic Control Plans Training Course Sydney

Implement Traffic Control Plans Course

RIISS00055 – Traffic Management Implementer Skill Set

This course is for those who are responsible for traffic management on a site to implement a work zone traffic management plan in the immediate area of a workplace.

This course does not qualify you to control traffic with a stop/slow bat or boom gate, or to modify existing traffic control plans.

This course is suited to those who have traffic controller experience and wish to further their career within the traffic control/management industry.

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Course Overview

What will the course cover?

  • Identify safety implications of traffic control at road works and personal responsibilities
  • Set up, monitor and close down traffic control devices according to a nominated TGS/TMP, to WHS and legislative requirements
  • Operate a two-way radio correctly and effectively
  • Check, clean and store equipment on completion of work and close down a TGS/TMP
  • Know the basic function of the TGS/TMP system
  • Locate and apply required legislations, documentation, policies and procedures including documentation required for worksite projects and required traffic management
  • Locate and apply required legislation, regulations, codes and procedures including Austroads Codes of Practice and WHS applicable to temporary traffic management
  • Adapt to all work health and safety (WHS) and operational requirements
  • Use the site/location assessment, distinguish topographical landmarks and carry out authorised risk control
  • Conduct an onsite check of a TGS/TMP to identify any unexpected risks/hazards
  • Plan for emergencies that may arise
  • Ensure spacing between signs and traffic control devices is in line with a TGS/TMP
  • Understand speed, environment, type and class of vehicles, traffic density, sight lines, environmental conditions, weather patterns and surface type
  • Maintain traffic incident reports
  • Monitor traffic controllers

What units of competency are covered?

  • RIIWHS201D – Work Safely and follow WHS policies and procedures
  • RIICOM201D – Communicate in the workplace
  • RIIRIS301E – Apply risk management process (NEW)
  • RIIWHS302E – Implement traffic management plans
  • RIIWHS303 – Position, set-up and program portable traffic control devices (NEW)
  • A learner guide will be emailed to you once you have booked the course. You do not need to print this off and bring with you as you will be provided with one on the day.
  • Your training will include:
    • classroom activities
    • theory questionnaires and group activities
    • minimum practical traffic control simulation using full scale devices and vehicles in controlled and safe environments
  • Once you have completed your classroom based training, you will be issued with a Statement of Completion (SoC) which will able you to carry out supervised work in the traffic control industry while you wait to have your final assessment completed.
  • Your Statement of Completion (SoC) is valid for 90 days during which you must have your final assessment completed. It cannot be extended or renewed after expiry.
  • minimum practical traffic control simulation using full scale devices and vehicles in controlled and safe environments – this is completed on a separate day
  • Once your final assessment has been completed and necessary paperwork submitted to SafeWork NSW, you will receive your SafeWork NSW issued Traffic Control Work Training Card in the mail.
  • You must be at least 17 years of age to participate in the training.
  • You must provide original ID documents that add up to at least 100 points. Within these documents, you must be able to show your photo, date of birth (minimum age 17 years), signature, and current residential address.
  • If you do not bring the correct ID on the day of training, you will be refused entry to the course and it will cost you the full course fee to rebook.
  • Please click here to see the Evidence of Identity form.

More information about this course can be found on the SafeWork NSW website.

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+ $125.00 final assessment fee which is payable on the day of the assessment

Does this price include the practical assessment fee? YES
Does this price include SafeWork NSW card fee? YES

All training and assessments are carried out by qualified SafeWork NSW (approval number 800053) approved trainer/assessors and in partnership with Admire Workplace Safety Pty Ltd (RTO 91330).

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Implement Traffic Control Plans Course Sydney