Before you step into construction work, you need to get your white card to be able to carry out your activity in Australia. But, a short Google search reveals another type of card that seems to serve the same purpose: the blue card.

So, which do you need to work on a construction site? And is there a difference between a blue card and a white card in Australia? Skillsify is here to help you figure it all out.

Is There a Difference Between Blue and White Cards?

Yes and no. Australia actually has loads of different types of cards issued for construction purposes, not just white and blue. They are essentially Construction Industry Training cards that show you have successfully completed your Occupations Health and Safety training.

The major difference is that a white construction induction card can allow you to work all over the country, in any state. With the blue card, for instance, you’d be only allowed to work in specific areas, such as Western Australia. The white cards have slowly replaced their blue counterparts, but if you’re a blue card holder you can still use it to do your job.

But, you may also have:

  • Red cards – allows you to work on Victorian construction sites
  • Green cards – eligible for NSW sites

If you are a WA white card holder, for instance, you can also use the card to work on other sites across the country. A lot of these additional cards have been replaced almost completely, with some states allowing construction to continue even with the old cards.

Who Is Eligible for a White Card?

Anyone in the country is eligible for a white card, however, the way you get it can depend on the state in which you live.

To get your construction induction course you will have to go through a training course. In most cases, you can even take an online course and get your card, and be able to work in Queensland and Western Australia, so if you need a white card QLD, you can basically do it from the comfort of your home. But, if you need to work in NSW, you cannot take an online construction induction training, so you will need a face-to-face program instead.

All Our White Card Courses at Your Disposal

If you’re looking for a white card course in NSW, we at Skillsify are happy to help. Though you can’t get your white card online as of yet, we have two convenient locations in Arncliffe and Liverpool to make our courses more accessible for anyone interested in stepping into the construction industry. Moreover, we’re affordable and want to make sure you can access proper training courses.

Call us at 0434 826 821 for more questions or reach out online to discover how Skillsify can help you get your white card in NSW.