A traffic controller directs the flow of vehicles and other machines on roads and work sites. To work as a traffic controller in Australia, you will need to get your white card and complete a traffic control course, be at least 18 years old, and have a valid driver’s licence.

If you are interested in traffic control training, here; everything you need to know about it.

Traffic Controller Course Entry

If you want to break into the traffic management industry, an entry level course with a registered training organisation is a great place to start.

These courses will usually include lessons on:

  • How to implement traffic control rules using a stop/slow bat
  • How to monitor traffic with portable traffic control devices, temporary traffic signs, and ensure you’re respecting the traffic management plans and guidance schemes
  • How to maintain traffic incident reports, etc.

You can view this type of course as practical training that can help you enter the traffic control management industry. After completing the training, you’ll have knowledge regarding the signs and devices, understand the scope of traffic control management, and generally have a very good grasp of the industry.

However, you might not just want to be someone who controls traffic. If you want to work on construction sites, you will also need a white card.

Why Is the White Card Necessary?

The law requires those who want to work on a construction site as a traffic controller to have a white card issue, which is proof you’ve gone through the health and safety training and can work on such sites. Getting a practical course in traffic control management and a white card can greatly increase the number of job opportunities you can qualify for.

These types of courses will also cover the stopping and starting traffic with a stop/slow bat in a temporary fashion, to ensure a good flow of cars while construction is being done in a particular area. Additionally, these types of courses are designed for those who need to learn how to set up a work zone traffic management plan.

After successfully completing the course, you will be able to effectively create a traffic control plan and guide road users to avoid the construction site, ensuring that both workers and drivers can carry out their activities in the best way possible.

Skillsify Is Here to Help You Learn

If you want to enter the traffic control management industry, we at Skillsify are here to help. Our courses for traffic controllers include the basic practical training as well as white card combinations to ensure you can easily enter the industry at the level you want to.

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