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Work Safely at Heights Course

What is working at heights…

  • Work that is done at high level off the ground, including ladders and elevated work platforms.
  • Work that is done near an edge that person can fall off
  • Work that is done near a hole that a person can fall into
  • Work that is done a surface that a person can fall through or slip off

The 5 most common places fall from:

Ladders  |  Scaffolds  |  Roofs  |  Trucks   |  Steps and stairways

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Course Overview

This course is based on the unit of competency RIIWHS204D – Work Safely at Heights which are recognised Australia wide.

Did you know that falling from heights is the leading cause of fatalities and serious injuries in the workplace, with most occurring in the construction industry!

Any person who is working at heights needs training, clear work instructions and must use fall prevention and safety equipment.

What will you learn:

  • Identify work requirements
  • Identify work procedures and instructions
  • Access and install equipment
  • Perform work at heights
  • Must bring photo ID with you to training.
  • It is recommended that your refresh your heights safety training every two (2) years.

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All training and assessments are carried out by qualified trainers/assessors and in partnership with Admire Workplace Safety Pty Ltd (RTO 91330).

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