If you want to work on a construction site in Australia, you’ll need to take a white card course to learn the basics of workplace health & safety. You may be wondering if you can do this training online – and avoid spending time at an in-person training seminar. Find out now in this blog from Skillsify.

What Is A White Card?

A white card is also called a “construction induction card.” This is a card that certifies a worker as having taken a course outlining basic construction health & safety information. This course must include a unit of competency known as “CPCCWHS1001” or “Prepare to work safely in the construction industry.” As the name suggests, this course is used to prepare anyone working on a construction site to learn the basics about health & safety in the industry. This card is required even for those who are not directly involved in construction – such as supervisors, site managers, and any other administrators or personnel who must routinely enter construction sites. If the holder does not engage in construction work for two years, the construction induction card is void – and the course must be retaken to reobtain the white card. This course can only be administered by a SafeWork approved training provider. However, the other specifics about the certification process vary based on your state and territory in Australia.

Can I Complete An Online White Card Course To Get Certified?

This depends on your state and territory. You can currently take a nationally-recognised online course to get your white card in Queensland and Western Australia. However, you cannot get an online white card in NSW, VIC, Northern Territory or South Australia. Currently, online white card training is not allowed in NSW. This may change in the future. However, if you want to complete construction induction training in Sydney or anywhere else in NSW, you have to successfully complete a face-to-face training seminar with a provider such as Skillsify. Once you’ve completed your in-person training and white card course, you’ll get a Statement of Completion (SoC) & a Statement of Attainment (SoA), and you can begin working at a construction site. There is some good news, though. Once your card has been issued, it’s possible to have it replaced online if you’ve lost your white card – you won’t have to go through the whole course again. Just click this link to learn more about replacing your white card.

Explore Our White Card Training Courses At Skillsify!

At Skillsify, we offer a wide variety of health and safety courses in NSW, including a white card course. While you can’t complete a white card course online in NSW at this time, we offer two convenient locations in Arncliffe and Liverpool, and regularly hold training sessions for professionals in the construction industry. Sign up online or give us a call at 0434 826 821 if you have any questions.